GUEST POST: Intel and CODE2040, Working Together to Create Opportunities for Diverse Technologists

The following was written by Barbara McAllister, Executive Director, Strategy and External Alliances at Intel Corporation.

Building a stronger, more inclusive innovation economy depends on us closing the diversity gaps in tech. We know this issue has deep roots and won’t be solved overnight. In 2015, Intel invested in numerous programs and partnerships that help advance the goal of growing the amount of diverse talent through a combination of education initiatives, financial assistance, and internship opportunities that offer experience and technical skills. Intel is paving the way for more women and underrepresented minorities to enter and succeed in tech careers like engineering and computer science.

To help bridge the gap between education and employment, Intel is excited to announce a partnership with CODE2040, an organization that aims to create pathways to success for African-Americans and Latinos in the innovation economy. With a specific focus on broadening the participation of diverse talent in the tech industry, CODE2040’s mission aligns with Intel’s own priorities and together we can shift from acknowledging the problem to implementing comprehensive solutions that accelerate access to educational, professional and entrepreneurial opportunities in technology.

As part of this partnership, Intel is investing $1.3 million over the course of three years to support CODE2040’s Fellows and Technical Application Prep (TAP) Programs, which are closely aligned with our goal to inspire and support more women and underrepresented minorities to earn technical degrees.

  • In the summer of 2016 and 2017, Intel will host 60 student interns from the CODE2040 Fellows Program at its Santa Clara campus in order to provide an immersive experience and one-on-one mentorship with our top engineers.

“We are very proud of the multi-year partnership with Intel to create access, awareness, and opportunities for Black and Latino/a engineering talent. This transformative partnership allows CODE2040 to expand our work to increase the impact of diversity in the innovation economy,” said Laura Weidman Powers, CODE2040 Co-founder and CEO. “Together with Intel, we are excited to create more experiences like this one, described by Anthony Williams, a TAP participant.”

At Intel, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made on our diversity goals, but we know this problem is too large for one company to tackle alone. Like so many things in the tech industry, we find the best solutions come more quickly when we work together. We look forward to the continued progress and change that we can make through partnering with organizations like CODE2040 that share our mission and vision for advancing representation of underrepresented minorities in the engineering and science fields.



Activating, connecting, and mobilizing the largest racial equity community in tech.

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Activating, connecting, and mobilizing the largest racial equity community in tech.