Forging Ahead Into The Future

By, Karla Monterroso, CEO, Code2040

Community. I’m sharing with you today exciting news about the future of Code2040.

As you may know, I contracted COVID-19 in March, and, like many others who have battled this disease, I am still on the rocky road to recovery. As such, I am stepping back in my capacity as CEO of Code2040 and enthusiastically passing the reins temporarily to our General Manager, and Acting CEO Mimi Fox Melton while on medical leave.

Mimi’s quick-thinking, capability, and tenacity have guided us through an unprecedented moment in American history. She has been a strong and valued colleague and friend over the past years and, in the last few months, stepped in effortlessly to ensure Code2040 innovates in a challenging environment.

Most importantly, Mimi understands that racial equity in tech is not just about access to jobs, but about access to power. As we move closer to 2040 — the beginning of the decade when the U.S. will be majority people of color — it is critical and urgent that we shift the current racial equity landscape in the tech world. Being shut out of tech means being shut out of emerging power structures that will help define the next generation, and this has dire consequences for communities of color and beyond.

With Mimi at the helm, our path forward is clear despite our uncertain times. Under her stewardship, we anticipated the needs of our new virtual office landscape and the shift of companies investing in systemic change. Teamwork allowed us to adapt quickly and shift our summer and fall programming online while still maintaining the deep engagement and care you value from us. We worked tirelessly alongside tech companies to redesign internships, develop equitable hiring and remote working practices, and create spaces where Black and Latinx tech workers are valued, included, and have equity.

We also realized the power of our new digital world. Our event in November will focus on self-healing, community empowerment, and job opportunities in a new virtual format with the Summit being moved to 2021. Lastly, our Fellows Program has also evolved from an in-person program to a virtual one, allowing us to provide more access to accelerated job training and skills-building for tech workers of the future nationwide, and growing the number of companies involved from 30 to 45 companies who are committed to seeing us thrive in the tech sector.

Please join Mimi and the Code2040 family in our fight to remove the structural barriers in place for Black and Latinx tech workers, and we will see their full participation and leadership in equitable, just workplaces. Onward together!

Warmly and in gratitude,




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