Action Items, Resources, and Community Care: Adapting to a world with Covid-19

By Mimi Fox Melton, VP of Programs

Photo by Xinhua/Wu Xiaoling via Getty Images.

There’s no soft way of putting it. We are in a crisis that is bigger and scarier than anything we’ve ever faced before. Our country’s leadership has failed. We’re facing health and financial challenges that are only now beginning to become clear. Nevertheless, we are not powerless. I’m reminded of something one of my mentors says, “When something scary is looming, face it, acknowledge it, plan for it.” So in that spirit, what are we facing?

Code2040 is fighting for racial equity, in tech and in our society as a whole. Racial equity means that race doesn’t statistically determine how well we fare (source: Center for Assessment and Policy Development). In a world where our people are more likely to die early, be targeted by law enforcement and imprisoned, and receive poor medical treatment, a world with racial equity means life or death. Racial equity means that those of us without fame would also have access to coronavirus tests. It means our siblings without housing wouldn’t die without care because they have no option to isolate inside. It means our trans family don’t go without necessary medical care because they’ve been laid off from their jobs. It means as we prepare to fight this disease, we don’t forget about those imprisoned at the border or by racist legislative systems. In this moment, racial equity means survival of our people.

It’s time for us to lead

The Code2040 team is hard at work, adapting and responding to our new reality. In the meantime, here are some things we all can do right now.


What We’re Working On

Code2040 is here for you. Now is the time for our community to rally together to support one another. Now is the time to take even better care of yourself. And we’ve got your back!

We are experiencing a collective realization that our systems are broken and that they only work to benefit a select few. As we take care of ourselves, our families, and our collective health, we must also remember the important work of transforming our systems, imagining other ways of being, and serving the communities who will be exponentially impacted during this time. We are keeping these factors at the forefront as we plan our work for the future.

Community Yoga and Meditation

The good news is, though we are social distancing, we are facing this together. Over the last week, our focus at Code2040 has shifted to how we stay connected and engaged through uncertainty, change, and distance. We’re starting with virtual yoga and meditation!

Join us this Thursday, March 26, from 3–4 PT/6–7 EST for our first of 6 weekly yoga sessions led by Alia Peera. And next week, we’re kicking off Tuesday meditation sessions to help reduce anxiety and share healing space virtually. These live-streamed sessions will be free and open to the community!

Code2040 Summer Programs

While we still don’t know how our programs and events will be impacted by social distancing and mandatory quarantines, we are working hard to plan a summer filled with community and engagement. Stay tuned for updates!

Resourcing the Community

Here is a list of Covid-19 Community Resources for everyone affected by the virus. This is a living document that we will be updating the list as new resources and information become available.

Much love from the Code2040 team.
Be safe. Be well.

In solidarity,
Mimi Fox Melton
VP of Programs



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