Karla and Mimi and Code2040’s 2018 Summit
Karla and Mimi at Code2040’s 2018 Summit

Today, we have some news we would like to share with our Code2040 community, family, and friends.

Our friend and leader Karla Monterroso is starting a new journey in her career, and our board of directors has named me as CEO. Today, memories and stories from my time working side-by-side with Karla are flooding back.

Whether she was whitewater rafting, hiking mountaintops, or swimming with sharks, whenever Karla Monterroso went on a trip I’d send her off with a silly warning: ”Come back alive, Karla, because I’m not running this place without you.”

After six years of service and a…

Happy #GivingTuesday! Right now, nonprofit organizations across the country are reaching out to their supporters to raise those vital end-of-year funds. For our part, we’re launching a five-week end-of-year campaign, How We Win or #HowWeWin2040, and we’re writing to tell you how your support for Code2040 will support our mission of dismantling the structural barriers that prevent the full participation and leadership of Black and Latinx people in the innovation economy.

After nine years of growing and learning, we are evolving our strategy to meet the challenges we continue to face in the industry. It’s no longer all about the…

Forging Ahead Into The Future

Karla and Mimi and Code2040’s 2018 Summit

By, Karla Monterroso, CEO, Code2040

Community. I’m sharing with you today exciting news about the future of Code2040.

As you may know, I contracted COVID-19 in March, and, like many others who have battled this disease, I am still on the rocky road to recovery. As such, I am stepping back in my capacity as CEO of Code2040 and enthusiastically passing the reins temporarily to our General Manager, and Acting CEO Mimi Fox Melton while on medical leave.

Mimi’s quick-thinking, capability, and tenacity have guided us through an unprecedented moment in American history. She has…

By Selene Chala, Company Relationships Manager

Photo by Kenneth Eke
All photos by Kenneth Eke

In a remote world, companies are adapting their summer internships to virtual experiences. These new experiences unlock new challenges and opportunities. In that space of both challenge and opportunity lies innovation and experimentation, a chance to try new approaches that center equity in summer programs. At Code2040, our Company Partners are onboard and asking, “How? How do we ensure that we continue our equity practices outside of the office?” How do we build an experience that allows for networking, learning, and engagement?” The great thing about being at this moment is that we’re all…

Photo by Kenneth Eke.

Community, today we are sharing some important and heavy news.

Karla has COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. She’s doing well, resting at home, and texting us her ideas and observations and thoughts. She is so ready to jump back into our work, though the team has given her strict orders to pause and allow herself to make a full recovery

To be honest, we hesitated to share this. We weighed the outcomes of keeping it inside knowledge or communicating it to our community. So many questions went through our minds: What if funders think we’re unstable in this…

By Mimi Fox Melton, VP of Programs

Photo by Xinhua/Wu Xiaoling via Getty Images.

There’s no soft way of putting it. We are in a crisis that is bigger and scarier than anything we’ve ever faced before. Our country’s leadership has failed. We’re facing health and financial challenges that are only now beginning to become clear. Nevertheless, we are not powerless. I’m reminded of something one of my mentors says, “When something scary is looming, face it, acknowledge it, plan for it.” So in that spirit, what are we facing?

  • This virus and the disease it causes is here, in every state, in every community. We have…

Giving to nonprofits run by women of color means more than you may realize

Aniyia Williams of Black & Brown Founders, Ellen Pao of Project Include, Karla Monterroso of Code2040, and Kimberly Bryant of Black Girls CODE.

We are four women of color running nonprofits focused on changing the future of tech. This holiday season, we want to thank our communities of donors, both large and small, who help bridge the gap for our work.

Our organizations run lean, with less money and fewer people than we’d like, and we squeeze the most of every minute of the day. Your donations help us meet our goals. …

by Karla Monterroso, CEO, Code2040

Photo Credit: Kenneth Eke, Welcome Weekend

Over the course of my career, I’ve seen how Presidential focus and support of certain issues radically transforms not just how we approach those issues, but even how we understand and define them. With Race to the Top and ACA, for example, both transformed how talked about education and health, ushered in new organizations and innovations, new expectations for government, and different demands for what it means to do well.

I’ve also seen what happens when said support is pulled away.

Specifically, now in watching how the Obama administration’s focus on the intersection of a…

Companies play a role in the college bribery scandal

by Karla Monterroso, CEO

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

The last day has been filled with commentary about the ways “competitive universities” select their student bodies and, thanks to an intensive FBI investigation, the sometimes illegal lengths parents of means go to, to ensure their children’s spot. We have historically called these competitive universities our “elite schools.” Our American and at times global mythology is that these schools are where the best-of-the-best go. The virtue of the scarcity of the positions means you’ll only get the best-and-the-brightest, right?

This myth that scarcity means excellence drives our self-styled “elite companies” or “elite nonprofits” — and those…

By Naomi Uwaka, Research and Operations Associate

Whenever I see headlines about tech companies working to diversify their workforce, I always hope those efforts go beyond unconscious bias trainings to include work around building their capacity to actively advocate for racial equity. In other words, I hope to see resources allocated from work that fosters passive understanding to work that provides tools people can use to challenge racial inequity and build equitable processes. Just knowing I have unconscious racial bias, for example, has far less impact than creating systems that limit its influence (i.e. excluding applicant names from resume screenings…


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